What is Collaborative Leadership?

Leadership has been defined as influence that causes others to act, change, or perform a desired task. Leaders have been known to wield their influence through authoritarian rule, vision casting, friendly persuasion, consensus building, and many other styles.

 I want to share here about how we as leaders can lead collaboratively. Collaborative leadership can be modeled in any organization, group, business (for or non-profit), or family. Collaborative Leadership is born from the understanding that for a group of people to progress towards a common goal over an extended period of time they will require a leader, and that the individuals desiring to progress towards that goal will consolidate best if their ideas are valued and incorporated by that leader in the group’s strategy.
Whereas leading by consensus seeks to marginalize divergent opinions until their holders acquiesce to the group’s major view, collaboration tries to inform that major view by incorporating some of the divergent’ view and thus developing an idea that is improved by addressing the critical thoughts that are offered. The resulting “idea” is often much improved and more broadly applicable because a dissenting voice was heard and valued instead of being marginalized and discarded. There is also an obvious benefit to the ongoing group dynamics when such a leadership style is employed on a regular basis. Trust and mutual vulnerability is developed as members feel free to brainstorm more broadly due to their sense that it is safe to inject an idea that deviates from the groups more common trajectory.
This blog is dedicated to exploring the principles and pitfalls of the Collaborative Leadership model.
I hope you enjoy, return often, and comment freely.
Pastor Tim Wenzig M.A.


About Tim Wenzig MAML

I am a pastor at Rosedale Friends Church. Rosedale Friends Church is a congregation affiliated with North West Yearly Meeting of Friends Chruches (Quakers).
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