Hope to be a Better Leader

When everything is going well, and life is full of butterflies and kittens, everyone comes to work with smiles on their faces and a spring in their steps.  On the other 364 days of the year… people can be distracted by looming deadlines, incomplete projects, tight budgets, staff tensions, customer complaints, and on and on.

Leaders are people who inspire others to move forward, while dictators drive their people forward.  So, for us to move our organizations forward as leaders we need to always be considering how to motivate our people better. 

Collaborative leaders listen to the real world conditions their people are living with, and work to refocus their people onto solutions instead of their fears.  Collaborative leaders create a dialogue where their people explore each other’s perspectives to meet the challenges of the day head-on with strategies crafted to overcome.

In short, collaborative leaders bring hope to the lives of their people.  Hope focuses our minds and energies on overcoming, not just surviving.  A culture of hope creates a sense of trust among coworkers, and dispels petty differences.  Hope leads an organization to growth.

Not every obstacle will be overcome with positive outcomes, but in a culture of hope these small losses are not devastating to the overall progress of the team.  Hope helps us learn from what goes wrong and leads us to develop better systems for next time.  Bringing a sense of hope to work each day makes us better leaders, and makes our organizations better prepared for the challenges ahead.


Tim Wenzig M.A.


About Tim Wenzig MAML

A former pastor turned farmer. Blessed, called to a new life, and still looking, and pointing to Christ.
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