Leaders Celebrate

Several years ago I discovered one of the best motivational strategies that I have ever come across, and I discovered it by accident.  Many of you already are good at this, but many of us “Type A” people need a gentle reminder every once in a while.

We had come to a 90 day anniversary of a major deployment of volunteers mentoring and training other volunteers in small home study groups.   In an effort to bring all the leaders together to discuss their challenges and successes, we held a small banquet.  When we planned the gathering, we thought it was just an efficient way to coax these very busy people to another meeting they probably would rather avoid.

What I discovered was that to hear each-other spoken about and honored for faithful service was very empowering for them.  Their time of sharing together their ideas, questions and discoveries became electric with excitement as they came to better know and appreciate their team members.

Gathering people together for this kind of celebration is not natural for me.  I am not a “Party” person, not do I personally find much motivation in receiving public applause… but others do.

Let me encourage us all to work real hard this next few weeks to discover what and who we can find to celebrate in our organizations, and then plan a gathering for that purpose only.  Who has been working thanklessly?  Who has contributed selflessly?  Who has achieved, accomplished, or been awarded for some endeavor?  What projects have seen a milestone, or been completed?  You get the idea.  We are often quick to circulate communication about what needs fixed, but many of us forget to take the time to celebrate what is worth celebrating.

Before the end of March, let’s all find ways to get a group of our people together and celebrate!



About Tim Wenzig MAML

A former pastor turned farmer. Blessed, called to a new life, and still looking, and pointing to Christ.
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