Planting a Garden

Have you heard the phrase:  “Bloom where you are planted?”  It refers to not holding back your skills and abilities for some yet un-attained place in life, but give 100% right where you are in life.

As leaders this refers to our people as well, as how we lead them.  Many of us struggle with having such clear ideas of what the final produce or outcome is to look like, that we have a hard time releasing some of the details to our team.  Like a parent helping their child create a special birthday card for Grandma, we have a tendency to want to help everyone color within our lines.

Collaborative leaders learn to release many of those details to others who are motivated and excited to help develop our organization’s future.  If allowed, they will bring ideas and details to their work that you or I would have never thought of, or allowed, had we been hovering over their every move.

So when I think about “Bloom where you are planted”, I think about the people I lead and consider if I am letting them bloom as their abilities allow, or am I stifling what they could naturally bring to our future together.  If I try and make them all like me, I will produce a single bush of color with more thorns than flowers.  But, if I let others bloom as they can, we will produce a whole garden with greater variety and color.

Take my advice: examine how tightly you hold the reigns of management, and strongly consider letting go a bit to bring more color and success into your “garden.”  When we choose to lead this way, we find ourselves planted in a sweet smelling garden that makes other leaders envious.


About Tim Wenzig MAML

A former pastor turned farmer. Blessed, called to a new life, and still looking, and pointing to Christ.
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