What Do You Give Away?

Everyone has their own special gifts and abilities.  I’ve had people tell me that they totally missed the memo when God said He was handing out gifts and abilities, but they are wrong.  For the most part these extra humble people have come to agree that God did fill them with some abilities, passions and gifts that not everyone else has (Ephesians 4:11 ff).  Whether you believe in God or not, you probably agree that we all have abilities we are good at, and should use them for the betterment of our communities and families.  It’s how we all find purpose and value in our lives.
Leaders know this, and make it part of how they lead their people.  Leaders know they are good at some things and not so good at others.  Visionaries often struggle with the mundane day to day details of operations, while others struggle seeing beyond their immediate challenges and opportunities.   I suggest we all regularly make a list of the things we do well.  Consider the things that give you the most pleasure, where you are the most productive, and are recognized as proficient by others.

Our inclination is to horde these tasks for ourselves because they make us feel the best, as well as being able to know they are being done properly.  Most of us will delegate to others the things we don’t do as well, hoping that their gifting will help them succeed where we would otherwise struggle.

I want to make a suggestion.  Since leaders universally draw together people around them that are similar to themselves, it is probable that many of the people around you have some of the same strengths and gifts you have.  I suggest, we leaders help them grow by giving away the very best we have.  Give away the very tasks you are best at.  Give those tasks to others who you see holding latent abilities to become great as well.  Mentor them, and then free them up to be as good as they can be.

If you are a numbers person, and always do the budget and forecasting for your organization, look for someone else you can give that away to.  Look for someone with those same gifts and passions, and presently have no opportunity to practice in that arena.  Give some of that responsibility to them and then mentor them.  My point in this is that you will be the best mentor in the areas you excel in.  Give those things away and develop others who can excel there also.

This year choose one part of who you are as a leader and give it away.  You might want to start with the part of your job, you do the best.

Pastor Tim


About Tim Wenzig MAML

A former pastor turned farmer. Blessed, called to a new life, and still looking, and pointing to Christ.
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