These last 3 weeks I have had a difficult time coming up with what I wanted to say in this next blog post. It’s not that I have nothing to say, it’s that I haven’t been able to find the words to say it. Now that I’m taking some time on vacation, I’ve decided to put those thoughts aside and share something else that might be of benefit.  Rather than sharing from my own thoughts, let me give you a quote that has been meaningful to me these last weeks.
Francois Fénelon, a 17th century French prelateand author, in his book “The Seeking Heart,” describes the benefits and rewards of solitary time with God.   “If you give all those things that provoked your curiosity and set your mind spinning, you will have more than enough time to spend with God and to attend to your business. Living your life prayerfully will make you clear headed and calm, no matter what happens. Your self-nature is overactive, impulsive, and always striving for something just outside your reach.
But God, working within your spirit, produces a calm and faithful heart that the world cannot touch. I really want you to take an adequate amount of times to spend with God so that you might refresh your spirit. All your busyness surely drains you.  Jesus took His disciples of side to be alone, and interrupted there most urgent business. Sometimes He would even leave people who would come from afar to see Him in order to come to His father. I suggest you do the same. It is not enough to give-out you must learn to receive from God, too.
As we spent twice as many hours to get to our vacation destination as we had expected, I had several hours that I could choose how to spend them:  be frustrated with our circumstances, or relax and seek some refreshment.  The truth is, I did some of both, but can testify today that seeking refreshment and solitude with God was the better choice.
Please share with us some of your thoughts:
What are some of the benefits you know from practicing solitude?
What have you learned that helps overcome the obstacles we all encounter when Seeking solitude with God?
What encouragement do you have for others reading this blog post?
Please consider sharing this post with your friends.  It would be great to see how several others experience solitude as Fénelon wrote about.
Blessings, Pastor Tim


About Tim Wenzig MAML

A former pastor turned farmer. Blessed, called to a new life, and still looking, and pointing to Christ.
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1 Response to Solitude

  1. Jane Neer says:

    Practicing solitude has shown me more and more of God’s greatness and power compared to my weaknesses. The Lord is glorified when I allow Him to show his strength in those situations where I have no strength. The more time I spend in solitude makes me realize I don’t spend enough time in His presence listening to His voice instead of all the voices of the world. I am still learning to overcome a wandering mind and be still and listen more.

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