Remodeling for the Kingdom

Greetings all!

Today I have a guest post by my eldest daughter Tammi Wenzig who teaches in Seoul Korea.  She presented this yesterday during our worship service.  Enjoy!

*******This one is for all the leaders who take the mic and deliver powerful truth Every.Single.Week. This is for the leaders who live their lives as examples in front of us with vulnerability and strength even as they’re in the process of growing, surrendering, and finding themselves in Christ. This is for the leader who speak truth over us over and over and over… until we hear it.

Are you giving God the right– the invitation– to rearrange furniture in your world? The fact that he has the right is no small detail: He has purchased the house and everything in it– you are already His.      It doesn’t matter that He’s right, –that it IS –His- right-, you might hold it against Him for the rest of your life if He moves your stuff.  But His plans are bigger:

My child, you belong on a throne in the light.

Can He have His way? Blueprints and materials are at the ready, but set aside because the permits are tied up in your red tape. It’s an epic fight: just to move your favorite chair from that dark corner over to the window.                                                                                                  Listen to the truth. This comfortable place — You’ve carefully built around yourself, lovingly called “home” and “me” must- be- dismantled! He’s not willing to wrestle it away from you– He’s committed to loving you into freedom. Do you perceive it?

My child, you belong on a throne in the light.

Can we trust His Goodness? Will we allow His good pleasure to be our great pleasure? Will we let Him even rearrange the furniture first?  How is it that we allow people to rearrange our things without question while refusing entry to the One Who purchased the house– and when that goes wrong, as it so often does, crying bitter tears– how often do we blame the Owner?  “You’re powerful, You’re LORD, yet you allow… This disaster??” He answers my broken question with a real answer:

My child, you belong on a throne in the light.

Now, I begin to see my stuff and my room for what it is– not the comfortable, beautiful, place I remember, but a dim, dusty, crowded (and yet sparse) prison cell of my own design. Everything is just where I like it. I’ve strategically placed everything exactly the way I want it– in fact, this is the only place in my world that I can arrange as I want and all the change around me can’t change that.

My child, you belong on a throne in the light.

All of this is the substitute I’ve resorted to in desperation for “thy kingdom come” when the reality I can see, feel, and touch is so far from it.                                                                  But what if I invite His plan? When the Holy Spirit rearranges furniture, He’s not timid. He hauls stuff from one side of the room to the other. It’s easy for Him, though I stand in the corner and fret about how little I can help, making excuses for why it’s not all cleaner… If I invite Him to move that chair… reality will be revealed. I don’t even know what all is hiding under there… dirt? Junk? Old toys and treasures I’ve forgotten about?

My child, you belong on a throne in the light.

And I see that this pieced together jigsaw of comfort is nothing but a shadow. Longingly I gaze at my precious chair. Only I know how to sit just right so the arm doesn’t fall off. I have to curl into a ball on top of the old, lumpy cushions because it’s really too small now–I’ve known this for a while… I think. And I hear again,

My child, you belong on a throne in the light.

But this is the only place I can control! My little house, my little part of the world…    But…it’s not really mine, is it? I’ve signed the deed over to my Savior and my God. He paid for it with His blood. In truth, it never was mine. I was born into a home that was mortgaged beyond anything I could repay in a lifetime– always on the verge of eviction, but I thought salvation just meant I get to keep the house.

My child, you belong on a throne in the light.

Is it true? I’m built for more than just a house– I was bought into a Kingdom… A Kingdom, yes, but no one said anything about moving my chair!

My child, you belong on a throne in the light.

Finally, I hear it. REALLY hear it! My fight is gone, the truth has won. He’s loved me into surrender.   As if for the first time, I gaze at Him. In wonder, I ask “how have you waited so long?”                                                                                                                                                     He dries my tears of shame and says: “I have never been afraid of the work, the mess, the empty spaces the dirt… but you’ve been so afraid, so ashamed, my sovereignty has looked to you like a wrecking ball swinging to destroy all you’ve built to contain yourself; Your imagination– the one I gave you– has made you see what was never there. But I’ve been soaking your eyes in truth– and now you’re beginning to see. I have always been FOR you.”

With this, He unfurls a massive set of blueprints, and I look… Then, with eyes healing to clarity, what I see is an endless inheritance– not just mine, but seamlessly joined with others. He’s got a plan for my place, yes, but He’s been reaching in and rearranging furniture all over the city… This HAS been personal, it’s been about me BUT it’s never been just about me! God’s has a plan to knock down our 4 walls, to build a Kingdom… but He’s starting with the furniture.

Will you invite Him to move your chair?                                                                                        My child, you belong on a throne in the light. ******

If you are blessed by this, please consider sharing it with others, and sharing your thoughts back as a comment here or on facebook.  I’ll get them all to Tammi.

Blessings, Pastor Tim


About Tim Wenzig MAML

A former pastor turned farmer. Blessed, called to a new life, and still looking, and pointing to Christ.
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1 Response to Remodeling for the Kingdom

  1. Jane Merriman says:

    Yes God has rearranged my furniture and I do have my favorite chair.
    He does have a plan for my life from the
    beginning to the day I see Him face to face… I admit as the message states
    I have struggled hard but always
    stayed in His Word and stood on His Promises….and still do…He has
    gently lead me holding onto His Rt.
    hand. Praise The Lord for never letting
    go of my hand….I’m in His hand and no one can take me out of it..
    His faithfulness and love endures forever.

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